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Tipan Tapan (Entrée) s
1. Momo
(Meat or Vegetables)
Typical Nepali style meat or vegetable dumplings with fresh coriander, ginger and garlic, steamed and served with home-made achar. $9.90
2. Sekuwa Tender pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt curry sauce and cooked in a charcoal oven, served with Nepali achar (sauce). $9.90
3. Tareko Machha Fresh fish marinated with Nepali herbs and fried. $9.90
4. Kukhurako Pakheta Chicken wings marinated in hot spicy sauce and cooled in a charcoal oven, served with Nepali achar(sauce). $9.90
5. Samosa Curry puffs made of potatoes, fresh spring onion, coriander, wrapped in a delicious home made pastry, topped with authentic Nepali sauce. $8.90
6. Phulaura Crisp golden brown patties made of chick-pea flour, green chillies, spring onion and Nepali spices. $8.90
7. Misayako Mixed entrée. A combination of 1,2,5 and 6. Pure vegetarian: 1,5 and 6. $12.90

Bhojan (Main Course) s
8. Khasiko Masu Boneless tender pieces of goat or lamb, cooked in authentic Nepali style curry sauce and topped with chopped spring onions. $19.90
9. Sagarmatha Hot Curry Boneless tender pieces of lamb cooked in authentic Nepali style very hot curry sauce and topped with fresh coriander leaves. $21.90
10. Kukhurako Tihun Succulent boneless chicken pieces cooked in traditional home style, with a combination of ginger, garlic, tomato and other spices. $19.90
11. Kukhurako Masu
(Butter Chicken)
Boneless pieces of tender chicken, cooked in butter, fresh tomato, coriander and crushed cashew nuts. $19.90
12. Daal, Bhat, Masu Ra Sag A platter containing your choice of meat (lamb, chicken or goat) curry along with rice, lentil, stir fried spinach and achar. $28.90
13. Chow Chow Meat/Veg Stir fried noodles with seasonal vegetables and your choice of meat (chicken, lamb or goat), seasoned with soya sauce and sprinkled with coriander. $19.90
14. Chilli Chicken Lightly batter-fried diced fillet of chicken, sautéed with diced onion and capsicum, flavoured with soy sauce and blended chillies, served with rice. $20.90
15. Kothe Fried meat dumplings (momo) served with special chef's soup. $21.90

Karesabari Bata (Vegetables) a
16. Daal Bhat Tarkari Ra Saag A vegetarian platter combination of rice, lentil, mixed vegetable curry, stir fried spinach and achar. $27.90
17. Misayeko Tarkari Mixed vegetable cooked in mild curry sauce and flavoured with chopped coriander and spring onion. $15.90
18. Alu, Bodi, Tamako Tarkari Potato, white beans and bamboo shoots tempered in light curry sauce flavoured with Nepali herbs and spices, topped with chopped coriander. $15.90

Majhiko Machha (Seafood) ss
19. Machha Tarkari Fish of the day, cooked in typical Nepali home-style curry, served with rice. $21.90
20. Jhinge Machhako Tarkari Fresh prawns cooked in limed curry sauce, capsicum and onion, topped with fresh coriander, served with rice. $23.90
21. Mixed Seafood Chow Chow Stir fried noodles with mixed seafood and seasonal vegetables seasoned with soy sauce. $23.50

The Sagarmatha Charcoal Clay Oven sss
22. Poleko Kukhura A boned leg of chicken and breast, marinated overnight in yoghurt curry sauce and cooked in a charcoal oven, served with Nepali style mushroom sauce and vegetables. $28.90
23. Poleko Lamb
(Tandoori lamb)
Nepali style lamb, cooked in a charcoal oven, served with rice and salad. $29.90

Bhat Ra Roti (Rice & Breads) a
24. Bhat Steamed white rice. $3.50
25. Chamre Fried saffron rice sprinkled with fried nuts and onions. $5.90
26. Sel Roti A traditional style Nepali bread eaten mainly on festivals, made with rice flour, banana and other Nepali ingredients - served 3 pieces in one serve. $5.90
27. Roti Charcoal Clay oven cooked bread - garlic or plain. $3.50

Chheuko Bhansa (side dishes) s
28. Rayoko Saag Spinach (mustard leaves) stir fried in traditional Nepali style. $7.50
29. Palung Paneer Home made cottage cheese simmered in mild creamy spinach sauce. $12.50
30. Jhaneko Daal Nepali style cooked lentil, seasoned with fried cumin seeds, chilli, ginger, garlic and Himalayan aromatic herbs (Jimbu). $7.50
31. Dahima A Nepali style sorbet, made of chopped cucumber, tomato and apple with sweetened yoghurt. (cold side dish) $6.50
32. Hariyo Saag Pat Nepali style salad, prepared with julienne vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and tomato), tossed with a Nepali dressing. (cold side dish) $6.50

Guliyo (Desserts)
33. Kheer Home made Nepali style rice pudding. $7.90
34. Sagarmatha Ice Cream Nepali ice cream, made of creamy milk, pistachio nuts and light flavour of cardamom, served on mango kulfi. $7.90
35. Swiss Natural Ice Creams Bailey's and Scorched Almond, Strawberry and Cointreau or Mango. $7.90
36. Rato Mohan An exquisite sweet prepared from fresh milk, soaked in sugar syrup to serve hot or cold. $7.90

Chiya Pani Ra Mahee (Tea, Coffee and Yoghurt Drink)
37. Tea Made in Nepali style (sweet and spicy). $3.50
38. Jari Buti Chiya Nepali Herbal Tea (High altitute medicinal plants). $3.50
39. Coffee $3.50
40. Mahee
(YogHurt Drink)
Popular all over Nepal as a refreshing and healthy cool drink. $4.50


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